TPF Stories - Chapter 1 Know

Last night was the first cold night of this autumn/winter season at my house. So, this morning I woke up to beautiful views with a low autumn sun and frosted dew all over the fields. When driving to the office I had to stop at a traffic light, behind a small black car. When the traffic light turned green the car didn’t move. I looked through the car at the person in the driver seat and saw a lady frantically gesturing something to me, pointing up towards the light. In a split second I understood she had difficulties seeing the light due to the low hanging sun. I gestured she could drive, which she did, and we both went on about our travels. When I passed her at the next traffic light, she waved at me, and I gave her a big smile in return.

During the rest of my travel I reflected about what had happened. Somehow, within a split second, I had been able to pick up what was the issue. We had been able to communicate with only gestures inciting the action needed to get moving from the traffic light to go about our day. And all this without knowing each other or speaking a word. Why? Because there was trust.

In projects building trust amongst the team is as important! Without it the project could remain stuck in front of the proverbial traffic light forever. As a Project Manager I believe you have a responsibility to build this trust. Between you and others, but also amongst others. The presence of trust is a reoccurring topic in every chapter of my book. In chapter 1 it relates to self-knowledge and knowledge of others. A tool you can use to gain this knowledge is by giving and receiving feedback. However, without there being fundamental trust between the feedback giver(s) and receiver(s) it is a disaster in the making.

So set the example as a Project Manager. Don’t be wary about people’s intentions. Be open, honest, respectful and considerate. And don’t forget to smile!

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