10 November, Eindhoven (NL) - Smart Buildings & Cities symposium TU/e
22 September, Rotterdam (NL) - Smart Urban Festival
10 June, Eindhoven (NL) - Livestream Smart Mobility
12 May, Online - Virtual Meet & Greet with RahGor Publishing
27 Maart, Online - Changemaker TV & Podcast
Live webcast Smart Mobility @ Brainport Smart District
I recently got the opportunity to talk about an exciting project I am currently working on. Brainport Smart District has the ambition to become to smartest district in the world. Smart mobility is one of the the topic I am focussing on to make this ambition a reality. See in Dutch my piece of the interview. To watch the the full webcast go to: Youtube
Madison + Park hosted a Virtual Meet & Greet with Sonja during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. The meet & greet was facilitated by her publisher Rahfeal Gordon.
I share my personal journey and the entire process of writing my book. The virtual event is informative inspiring, and encouraging for anyone looking to achieve something great in their lives or learn about project management.
Virtual Meet & Greet with publisher Madison + Park
Irene Janssen: 'In this episode I speak with Sonja van Uden. Sonja was a great project manager, managing with to-do-lists, and a strong focus on processes. It was what made here a rising star in her industry. But it also got her the nick-name the Dutch Ice Queen. And made her feel lonely as an expat project manager in Norway. She decided, in the first place to have a more enjoyable time to do things differently and shift her focus to her colleagues. This shift became the basis for her research in which she unravelled the mystery of successful projects. Watch and listen to Sonja van Uden (in Dutch), author of The People Factor.'
Changemaker TV & Podcast by Irene Janssen
Netwerk Brabant 'Talent' issue
Read my featured article in the last Netwerk Brabant issue of 2019 revolving around 'Talent' development.
Go to the article:
Maaike van Meulen: 'Sonja van Uden worked as an international project manager in Houston, Norway, Afrika, Germany and Singapore. Colleagues called her the Dutch Ice Queen due to her pragmatic and rational working method. It made her lonely and led to her choice to shift her focus to the people in projects, but how to do this? She discovered this to be a topic under investigated, started her own research and wrote a book about it; 'The People Factor; The Next Leap in Project Management'. During the journey of writing the book it took Sonja courage to look at her own personal questions and stories. 'Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll get better and more knowledgable' says Sonja. Listen to Sonja's journey (in Dutch) in this inspiring podcast filled with tips and insights. Just for you!'
Hunting on Project Stories Podcast