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It is almost impossible today to pick up a newspaper or business journal and not read something about projects. Organizations worldwide use projects for tactical or strategic reasons, to satisfy customer needs and drive business value. Since the development of the first project management methods in the 1950s, the field has been in constant advancement. Millions of people around the world consider project management to be their main profession. We have become a project-oriented society. Still, research shows that the vast majority of projects fail to reach their intended targets.

The People Factor presents an alternative way for reaching project success. By utilizing a framework of seven people skills in addition to the rational and tangible toolkit which are project methods today, the People Factor will significantly decrease the probability of failed expectations, and increase the possibility of reaching project targets.


Sonja van Uden takes you on a discovery into the world of projects and project management from a people perspective. Through her own experiences and the stories of other project professionals, Sonja gives you insights into skills every project professional needs to make a positive impact on the people in projects, and projects as a whole. By reading her book, you will achieve not only project success, but pave your pathway to a long and fruitful career in project management.

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€ 24,99
ISBN 9780997831153