The People Factor helps project managers to become future-proof.
Please read below more about the services I offer as part of the People Factor academy.
In a 4-day interactive program the full range of people skills from the The People Factor model are explored and applied.

Full program

By making use of creative assignments and own experiences effective learning is promoted.
Inspirational short sessions are a great way to kickstart your development. They will leave you wanting for more.

Short session

  • 27-Nov-20 PM in de zorg conference, Bussum (NL)
  • 21-Feb-20 Interview Changemaker TV, Horst (NL)
  • 12-Feb-20 MicroLAB, Eindhoven (NL)
  • 01-Nov-19 NIEC conference, Oslo (NO)
  • 16-Oct-19 Nyenrode Business Uni, Breukelen (NL)
Soft cover book

I want to learn more

The People Factor released its very first book in October of last year (available in English only). The book explores the seven-skill model and is filled with project stories from all around the world.
You can order the book through the regular channels like and or through my own webshop. By using the last you allow me to keep gathering project stories and develop new concepts.