It is almost impossible these days to pick up a newspaper and not read something about projects. Everything from the development of the first mobile phone or building a rocket to the moon is completed in projects and are managed by project managers. In 2027 there will be a demand for 90 million project managers worldwide. Continuous development as a project manager is therefore not only smart but also lucrative.


Still the vast majority of projects fail to achieve project success. 8 out of 10 innovation projects fail to reach their intended goal(s). And in industries like construction, energy and IT the numbers aren't much better. Why you might wonder? If the following sounds familiar to you keep on reading.
'Why don't I seem to get everyone equally excited about the end goal?'
Project managers; do you recognise yourself in this?
'I get so angry when I hear the same story over and over again.'
'I am always the last to hear about issues leaving me no time to act.'
'Why are my team members not getting along?'

Projects are run by people

If the above sounds like your daily reality fat change there is a lack of commitment and unity in your team, which is the case in lots of teams. Many project managers find it difficult to deal with the people in projects and focus on technical details and tools instead. What they forget though is that projects are run by people! A lack of focus on the project team is a disaster in the making. There is something you can do though.

Fuel commitment and unity

Searching through the vast wilderness of people or soft skills applicable to you as a project manager is not needed. The People Factor has done this for you resulting in a model of seven mission-critical skills for every project manager to develop and possess. Skills to fuel commitment and unity amongst your project team and to reach new heights together.
All great project managers have two things in common. They possess the willpower to step into the ambiguity of the project arena over and over again and do their utmost to make every day count. And they spent time and effort into stocking their toolbox with as many tools as possible to deal with both technical and people factors in project. The first you either have or not. The second I can help you with!

It all starts here and now, with you